Google Calendar & Wordpress integration

Google Calendar plugin for WordPress

WPGCalendar is a WordPress plugin which allows you to integrate Google Calendar in your WordPress pages or posts by using the features of the FullCalendar jQuery plugin.

Download WPGCalendar here


  • Upload the whole calendar directory into your WordPress plugins directory.
  • Activate the plugin on your WordPress plugins page
  • Go to Settings and click WPGCalendar
  • Type in your calendar’s XML feed URL (get this from Google Calendar)
  • Type [WP-GCALENDAR] on any page or post where you want your calendar to appear.

This is a calendar of US Holidays:


This software is licensed under the GPL license, the WPGCalendar package includes the FullCalendar jQuery plugin which is also licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.

To be done:
There are some things that could be easily added to this plugin in the future:

  • Support for multiple Google Calendars.
  • Support for more languages other than english.
  • Theming of the calendar.

Plus many other cool things that FullCalendar supports, your comments are wellcome.

To get your Google Calendar’s XML feed URL:
  • Go to Google Calendar and find the “My Calendar” box on the left.


  • Click the arrow next to the calendar of your choice.


  • Click “Calendar settings” from the popup menu.


  • In the section “Calendar Address” , click the XML image button.


  • This is the url the plugin needs!