November calendar 2024 with UK Bank Holidays

Print a November 2024 calendar with UK Bank Holidays, this template is horizontally-oriented (landscape) and fits perfectly on an A4 paper sheet

November calendar 2024 with UK Bank Holidays

November calendar 2024 with UK Bank Holidays

What are Bank Holidays?

Bank holidays are days that are officially recognized as public holidays in UK, during which banks and most businesses are closed. These holidays are intended to provide a break for employees and celebrate significant cultural or historical events.

Bank holidays were first introduced in the UK in 1871 by the Bank Holidays Act, This act established four bank holidays in England, Wales, and Ireland: Easter Monday, Whit Monday, the first Monday in August, and Boxing Day (which was already a holiday in Scotland). The purpose of the Bank Holidays Act was to create additional days off for workers, and to encourage recreation and leisure activities.

Bank holidays are so called because they were originally days when banks were closed and no trading could take place on the stock exchange. At the time, banks were closed on these holidays because it was difficult to conduct financial transactions without the use of electronic systems and communication technology. As a result, bank employees were given the day off, and other businesses soon followed suit.

Some of the most common bank holidays in the UK include New Year's Day, May Day (the first Monday in May), Spring Bank Holiday (the last Monday in May), Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.

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