What Number of Month is July

July month number is 7 and it is the seventh month of the year.

July month number

July is the seventh month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. It was originally named Quintilis, which is Latin for "fifth," as it was the fifth month in the early Roman calendar that had only 10 months starting in March. Quintilis was later renamed to Julius in honor of Julius Caesar, who was a Roman general and statesman.

Why was july named after Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar played a significant role in reforming the Roman calendar, and created what is known as the Julian calendar in 45 BC, which added ten days to the year and introduced leap years.

In 44 BC, after Julius Caesar's assassination, the Roman Senate decided to rename Quintilis to Julius in his honor. This was in recognition of Caesar's military conquests, political achievements, and his influence on the Roman calendar. The month "Quintilis" was choosen because July was the month of his birth.