What Number of Month is April

April month number is 4 and it is the fourth month of the year.

April month number

April is the second month of spring and its name derives from the month 'Aprilis' in the Roman calendar. The origin of the Latin name "Aprilis" for the month of April is uncertain. It is traditionally believed to be derived from the verb "to open" in reference to the season when trees and flowers begin to bloom. Some suggest that the month was originally named after the goddess Venus, and her equivalent Greek goddess name Aphrodite or from the Etruscan name Apru.

April was originally the second month in the Roman calendar, but when January and February were added, it became the fourth month.

In the early Roman Calendar, the month of Aprilis had 30 days, but Numa Pompilius reduced it to 29 days. Later, Julius Caesar's calendar reform restored Aprilis to its original 30 days.