Months of The Year by Number in Order

The total number of months in a year is twelve and each year starts in January so the list of al 12 months in order with their month numbers is as follows:

Month number Month name Month ordinal number
1 January First (1st)
2 February Second (2nd)
3 March Third (3rd)
4 April Fourth (4th)
5 May Fifth (5th)
6 June Sixth (6th)
7 July Seventh (7th)
8 August Eight (8th)
9 September Ninth (9th)
10 October Tenth (10th)
11 November Eleventh (11th)
12 December Twelfth (12th)

Check also the list of months by quarter and how many days are there in each month.

How many months in a year

There are exactly 12 months in a year.

Abbreviations for the months

This is the list of the months of the year and their abbreviations: January(Jan.), February (Feb.), March (Mar.), April (Apr.), May(May), June(June), July (July), August (Aug.), September (Sept.), October (Oct.), November (Nov.), December (Dec.).

Months in other languages

Learn here the names of the months in other languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and more.